Harris Tweed and Vivienne Westwood

Harris Tweed and Vivienne Westwood

Would Harris Tweed be the fashionable fabric it is today without the input of Vivienne Westwood? Vivienne Westwood is a British fashion designer who is known for her avant-garde and punk-inspired designs. Throughout her career, Westwood has been associated with a number of iconic fashion brands, including Harris Tweed.

Harris Tweed is a traditional fabric that is made on the Scottish islands of Harris and Lewis. The fabric is known for its durability and high quality, and it has been used in a variety of fashion items, including coats, suits, and bags. Here at the Eclectic Gift Store we have a range of Harris Tweed Gifts crafted from beautiful Harris Tweed. We have sumptuously scented soy Harris Tweed Candles. Beautifully crafted Harris Tweed Hip Flasks. Fabulous Harris Tweed Themos Flasks for those great days out.

Westwood first became associated with Harris Tweed in the 1980s, when she began incorporating the fabric into her collections. She was drawn to the fabric's unique texture and colour, and she used it to create a number of unique and eye-catching pieces.

In addition to her work with Harris Tweed, Westwood was also known for her activism and commitment to environmental causes. She was a vocal advocate for sustainability in the fashion industry, and she worked to promote eco-friendly practices in her own business.

Unfortunately, Vivienne Westwood passed away in 2021 at the age of 90. Despite her death, her legacy lives on in the fashion world, and her impact on the industry will be felt for years to come.

Vivienne Westwood had a strong connection to Harris Tweed, and her use of the fabric helped to bring it into the mainstream fashion world. Westwood's death was a loss to the fashion industry, but her contributions to the world of fashion and activism will continue to be remembered and celebrated. Have a little slice of this fashion forward fabric for yourself with our range of Harris Tweed Gifts.

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