Mary Berry Says, I Love My AGA

Mary Berry Says, I Love My AGA

Mary Berry is a beloved British chef, television personality, and cookbook author known for her expertise in home cooking and baking. One of her most notable passions is her love for the AGA range cooker.

The AGA, or "Alfred George Aga," is a type of cast-iron stove that originated in Sweden in the early 20th century. These stoves are known for their ability to provide consistent heat and their versatility in cooking a wide variety of dishes.

In an interview, Mary Berry shared that she has been an avid AGA user for over 40 years and it has become an essential part of her cooking. She said that "The AGA is an all-in-one oven, hob, and radiator, which means I don't need any other heating system in my kitchen. It's always on, so it's perfect for cooking and baking."

Mary Berry is known for her traditional and comforting recipes, which the AGA is perfect for. She frequently uses the AGA for dishes such as roasts, stews, casseroles, and pies. She also enjoys using the AGA for baking cakes, bread, and pastries.

The AGA also allows for a unique method of slow cooking, which Mary Berry finds particularly useful for dishes like pot roasts, stews, and casseroles. The slow and consistent heat of the AGA allows for the flavours to develop and meld together perfectly.

In her cookbooks and cooking shows, Mary Berry often shares tips and tricks for using the AGA to its fullest potential. She is a true advocate for the AGA range cooker and the delicious meals it can produce.

In conclusion, Mary Berry's love for the AGA range cooker is undeniable. It has been a staple in her kitchen for decades and has played a significant role in her cooking and baking. The AGA's consistent heat and versatility make it a perfect appliance for traditional and comforting home-cooked meals. If you're a fan of Mary Berry's cooking and looking for a reliable and versatile stove, the AGA is definitely worth considering.

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