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Created by the Ridleys

Harris Tweed Candle - Pear & Freesia

Harris Tweed Candle - Pear & Freesia

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Our Handmade Harris Tweed Gifts make an ideal gifts for friends, family or yourself.  This pretty English Pear & Freesia Harris Tweed Candle is scented with the English Pear & Freesia scent.  The beautiful scent of just ripe pears, white freesia and patchouli.  Our Harris Tweed Candle contains 30 cl of hand poured soy wax giving you roughly 40 hours burn time. 


Our Harris Tweed Candle comes in a glass jar with a beautiful, removable Harris Tweed sleeve, the sleeve is lined with bespoke stag fabric and topped off with a beautiful wooden lid and tag.  All our Harris Tweed Gifts bear the official Harris Tweed orb lable.  




Instructions for candles, I hear you say. they surely can't be that compllicated?  To get the best from your Harris Tweed Candle we have a few recommendations.  If you take a little bit of care of your Harris Tweed Candle you get maximum burn time from it.  It is recommended that you trim the wick every time before lighting.  If you do this it will help your candle to burn with a cleaner and brighter flame.  Light your candle and allow the top to completely liquify before extinguishing the flame, you do this in order to avoid the wick going lower and lower, making tunnel in the wax which would mean you would not get the full burn of your Harris Tweed Candle.  Keep your Harris Tweed Candle away from draughts as these will disturb the flame making tunnel effect more likely.  It is adviseable to use a snuffer rather than blowing your Harris Tweed Candle out as this will cause unwanted smoke and potentially may damage the candle holder or surrounding decor.  




Why Soy Candles?  Our Harris Tweed Candles are handpoured and made from Soy.  Soy wax is more natural, making them an obvious choice for many.  They are made from vegtable wax making them less poluting in your home than many other types of candle.  Pet owners and parents may prefer to choose Soy Candles to burn in their homes. Soy Candles are all natural, renewable and vegan making them the ethical choice for many,  When choosing a scented candle Soy Candles are a good choice as they hold scent very well. 




Our extensive range of Harris Tweed Gifts will be sure to tempt you. Browse our collection there is a Harris Tweed for everyone.

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